100% Indigenous Owned & Operated Trading Post

Named after our grandfather and great blackfoot warrior 'Boy Chief'. A true leader and a revered medicine man it is with his memory in mind that we established Boy Chief Trading Post to help preserve not just the Blackfoot culture but to promote the arts, crafts and culture of other indigenous nations both here in Canada and the United States.

Featured Product

One Cloth Apparel

One Cloth Apparel was designed & manufactured in Canada! Owner: Tawny Big... 

  • Boy Chief Baby Blankets

    These beautiful cotton baby blankets are available in 6 colours and 2 different styles. Super soft & machine washable

  • Boy Chief Umbrella

    This new collection of umbrellas were designed & created by Darryl McDonald.

    Design: Boy Chief’s Tipi

  • Beaded Change Purse & Card Holder Set